March Plaidness First-Round Recap

I'll Find Myself When I'm Dead
I'll Find Myself When I'm Dead
March Plaidness First-Round Recap

In Episode 2 of our special March Plaidness mini-season, we recap most of the first-round games (including David’s win with “Pepper”). Also: lots of Better Than Ezra imitations, Arlo gives a Gen Z take on grunge, Elena tells a story about meeting a member of Nirvana, Denry makes his pod debut, we discuss March Princeness, our wah-oh contest, a mailbag, Jurassic Prom, and more!

Links to some things we mention:

March Xness tournament site:

The March Plaidness Spotify playlist:

Cracker, “Big Dipper”: 

Cracker, “Another Song About the Rain”: 

Cracker, “Eurotrash Girl”: 

Nirvana, “Verse Chorus Verse”: 

Soul Asylum, “Sexual Healing”: 

Jamison Crabtree’s statistical analysis of Plaidness: