Season 2 premiere — Bad Idea Essays

I'll Find Myself When I'm Dead
Season 2 premiere -- Bad Idea Essays

To kick off Season 2, we discuss what essayistic things we’ve been up to over the summer–including our spinoff podcast–before moving on to the “Bad Idea Essay,” a term coined (we think) by S1E3 guest Ander Monson. Our example essay is David LeGault’s “On Excess” (link below), an essay we both wound up liking, for reasons we try to explain. Also: our own attempts at Bad Idea Essays, famous examples of the form, and more.

Links to some things we mention:

David LeGault’s essay, “On Excess”:

David’s book, 10,000,000 Maniacs:

Follow David on Twitter:

Sex in the Living Room:

the Great Outdoors Steak Scene:

Elena’s “bad idea essay” about the Stella shouting contest:

Justin’s “bad idea essay” about Capote:

Will Slattery’s essay about Elena’s March Fadness essay: