S2 E8 – Old Ass Essays (with Megan Ward)

I'll Find Myself When I'm Dead
I'll Find Myself When I'm Dead
S2 E8 - Old Ass Essays (with Megan Ward)

(Note: we’re posting this week’s episode on Monday because of the election. We’ll return to Wednesdays next week.)

In this episode, we welcome our friend, colleague, and local Victorian expert Megan Ward to discuss Old Ass Essays: what that means, how old we’re talking, and a few examples from the 1830s by none other than Charlie Dickens himself. Also: our spelling bee failures, a special lightning round, a dog in a unicorn costume, and an authentic (sorta) Victorian cocktail that we light on fire!

Episode links:

Megan’s faculty profile: https://liberalarts.oregonstate.edu/users/megan-ward 

Megan’s book, Seeming Human: https://ohiostatepress.org/books/titles/9780814213759.html 

Dickens’ Sketches by Boz (free online edition): https://www.gutenberg.org/files/882/882-h/882-h.htm 

The Dickens Punch recipe, as much as we can remember:

  1. Peel a lemon and a raggedy-ass orange and put the peels in a basin (we used a dutch oven with some leftover Indian food in the bottom).
  2. Dump a shitload of light & dark rum into the basin, along with a lot of sugar.
  3. Float a few bar spoons of Everclear on top and light on fire.
  4. Let it burn for a minute, then cover to extinguish.
  5. Squeeze the lemon and citrus into the mixture, add some hot tea, and ladle into whatever mugs you peasants have laying around.